It's Alive

Man this was time consuming. I’ve been working on this for the last 7 and hours or so. It’s still not “done” but it’s working! In all honesty, this would’ve been a lot smoother had I not already had an existing Github Pages repo. I should’ve just nuked the entire repository and octopress installation hours ago, started over, everything would’ve just worked. When I installed Octopress, it tried to migrate the existing repo, which was another nightmare altogether because of the exisitng master branch. When I eventually fixed that by deleting everything in master, cloning the branch and setting the cloned branch as default, then deleting the master branch. Then when I ran Octopress it was able to create its own master branch and all was right with that portion of the site.

After that I spent a long time trying to get ruby/jekyll to generate the pages. Trying to debug errors completely unrelated to my problem was where I spent a majority of my time. I know nothing about Ruby, and the only thing I know really about Jekyll is that it can use Markdown and Github Pages uses it by default, so this was a very terrible few hours. I ended up figuring out that all of the problems were related to _config.yml. Specifially because the old and new configs became merged into a hideous mutant config that was breaking everything. The only reason I figured it out was because I noticed Jekyll was trying to copy the files to _sites and Octopress wanted them to go in Public.

About half of this code block was missinglink
# Default extension for new posts and pages
post_ext: markdown
page_ext: html

# Default templates for posts and pages
# Found in _templates/
post_layout: post
page_layout: page

# Format titles with titlecase?
titlecase: true

# Change default template file (in _templates/)
post_template: post
page_template: page
draft_template: draft
Took me a while to figure out that this wasn't supposed to be in the
<<<<<<< HEAD

>>>>>>> dcc1c7bfddd839e021ed5ecb4d6350a29e7858f3

It’ll take some time to get used to Jekyll/Octopress, but it already feels quite powerful. I had been poking around Aaron Gustafson’s site when I came across this post, which got me interested in the idea, along with the fact that Ghost has been pretty annoying and bare as of late. In order to even update the software I had to take everything offline, nuke the software, and hope the upgrade goes well. To edit any parts of the website theme, you had to make your changes and stop/start cycle the software EVERY time just to see the change. I finally had enough of it and decided I may as well start using Github. There’s still some setup to do, and I have to go back and manually categorize all of the posts (the ghost>>jekyll exporter didn’t grab them) but so far I’m liking Octopress now that everything is actually working.

I also like that I can easily spin up a temporary copy of my site whilst editing, and see changes in realtime before making anything live. Ghost had a preview function, but it only worked for one post or page. Jekyll lets you preview the entire site and all of the changes, which is very nice. Also moving from databases to static files is going pretty well, and has a very noticable speed increase.

Jan 18th, 2016


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