TV Show Tracking

So having just finished Person of Interest season 4, I thought it would be a good idea to update my SideReel account. SideReel is a nice site that I’ve neglected use of for quite some time, even though I’ve had an account for a little over 4 years now. I’m just learning today how unfortunate that is. As I went to transfer my tracking progress from Netflix via my list, very quickly I found out that shows I was previously watching were no longer available to stream, and were removed completely from my list.

The most notable show I can think of that this affected for me would be 24, because I know I was fairly far into it when I stopped watching it. Now it’s not on Netflix, so finding where I stopped will be a bit of a challenge.

Unfortunately I don’t even know what shows were on the list, because Netflix silently removes them. Almost as bad as YouTube deleting videos. YouTube at least keeps the record there, so you can see that something was deleted. They aren’t helping anyone though, because YouTube doesn’t tell you what was deleted, only that it’s gone now. They don’t even save the title of the video, so you have no idea what it was. RIP playlists from 3 years ago.

I guess now I should try to remember to keep my tracking up-to-date, lest I lose more progress without even knowing it’s gone…

Jan 11th, 2016


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