W10-11082 & X-52

So one thing I did notice was that after the last upgrade, Windows had set my X-52’s LED’s to ON and the MFD to OFF. I thought it was odd, but didn’t think anything was off because the system still worked in-game. Today I decided that I wanted to turn the MFD back on, so I went to Devices and opened the Game Controller Settings window. So far everything looks normal, only one device is shown because I unplugged my other controllers while I wasn’t using them.

I hit properties to enter the configuration, and was presented with this odd screen and immediately knew something wasn’t right.

Apparently what happened is Windows thought it was a great idea to use a base driver instead of the actual driver. (I hope, I actually didn’t think about looking at which driver it chose before reinstalling the driver…) So I re-ran the driver setup (which thankfully is very fast) and was presented with the normal properties window this time.

Unsure why Windows decided to change which driver was being used, and I hope it hasn’t happened with more devices.


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