Windows 10 (Build 11082)

I went a bit lazy on the title, oh well. Windows 10 (finally) decided that YES, NOW IS THE TIME and let me install Windows Updates. For a couple weeks now it’s been saying that it would install them during the shutdown process, but that hasn’t actually worked. It would shut down and start up just fine, but it never even attempted to install updates. Then today randomly at like 4am it decided that it wanted to install updates NOW. It did ask, but I’ve been waiting for it to for such a long time that I just let it go ahead.

So far only things I’ve noticed are that it reset my Start Menu (which happens every time they push a fairly large build upgrade) and I now have this little text in the bottom right of my desktop.

I suppose the disabling of custom start menus is not a bad thing, because it makes me go grab the latest version (so I don’t have to go digging for the setup files lol). Usually by the time I get a Windows Upgrade there’s a new version out with some new features and bug fixes, which is nice.

I know in the last update they started updating some of the system icons, so I expect more of that in this one. The last build also added a coloured context menu on the taskbar, which was great. It was nice to see black context menus, and hopefully they will show up more often in the future. Maybe they will make DWM more stable soon… or at least let us fall back to cmd.exe when DWM crashes. Unnecessary hard reboots suck man.


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