So it turns out that landing isn’t as simple as dropping your gear and getting the ship onto the pad. There’s even more to it than speed, proximity, and alignment to the pad. You also have to align a certain angle towards the station in order to dock, which I find very strange considering most stations will rotate your ship and the landing platform before pulling it into the bay. This is extremely frustrating to figure out when you are nearly empty on fuel after running from multiple pirates in a vessel equipped to attack space rocks, not space ships.

All things considered however, I love the experience. Having to shut down systems to conserve fuel while waiting for clearance to dock. Sitting completely still in a station’s mass lock while observing dogfights at the station, hoping they don’t try to pull you into the combat. The heart-racing experience of running from two pirates while you are low on fuel, that only caught you in interdiction because you were trying not to overshoot the station again.

I love this game

Fly safe pilots

Nov 27th, 2015


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